Hollywood Girl Official Trailer

Official Trailer for Hollywood Girl

Season 1 Episode 1- Pilot

In the series premiere of Hollywood Girl you get a peek into the life of Quinn Monroe. Aspiring Actress by day and a cliche by night.

Season 1 Episode 2- Prophyl what? Part 1

n part 1 of this 2 part episode, Quinn books a big job and bumps into an unexpected person at the shoot.

Season 1 Episode 3- Prophyl what? Part Two

After a phone catastrophe right before her big date with Shane, Quinn recovers and she and her friends gather at Callie's apartment to watch her condom commercial. In typical Quinn fashion, things don't go quite as she planned.

Season 1 Episode 4- Say a Little Prayer

After their big night out, Shane throws Quinn an unexpected curve ball. Lauren convinces Quinn to do something she absolutely hates doing, and in the end, Quinn gets to say "I told you so".

Season 1 Episode 5- Code Red Carpet

Madison helps Quinn land a meeting with a successful, and very handsome agent, but Quinn has a hard time keeping her mind on business.

Season 1 Episode 6 (Finale) - Limp of Shame

Quinn deals with the aftermath of her red carpet crash into a movie star.