Season 2 Sneak Preview

Season 2 Premieres in April!

Season 2- Episode 1- Curves Ahead

In the Season 2 Premiere, Quinn struggles to accept her curves in an industry full of size zero, so she looks to her agent, Michael, for comfort, but gets more then she bargained for.

Season 2- Episode 2- Boot Camp Bitch

Quinn's insecurities start to effect her auditions, so Madison intervenes to give her confidence a boost. Featuring
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Season 2 Episode 3- The Curvy Girl Revolution

Quinn realizes that in Hollywood, things aren't always what they seem to be as she tries to fit into the Entertainment Industry's mold.

Season 2 Episode 4- Minus a "Plus One"

Quinn gets invited to another red carpet event, but this time, she wants to bring a date.

Season 2 Episode 5 (Finale)- Scary Go Round

The day of Quinn's date with her agent, Michael has finally arrived. But it's a roller coaster of emotions filled with one surprise after another.