Hollywood Girl Pictures is a West Coast based production company focusing on Digital Entertainment and New Media.

Hollywood Girl Pictures was conceived in 2008 when President, Courtney Zito started producing and writing her own projects to further her acting career. The company has since grown and enjoyed multiple successful projects and won awards at festivals worldwide.

Current Projects:

HOLLYWOOD GIRL - Now Airing Seasons 1-3

"If Sex and the City, Entourage and Friends had a baby, it would be a Hollywood Girl". Hollywood Girl follows the comically blundering, yet inspirationally uplifting, life of celebrity hopeful, and beautiful disaster, Quinn Monroe. A self-proclaimed cliché (aspiring actress by day and waitress by night), Quinn feels her dreams of silver screen stardom actualizing as a waking nightmare of never-ending obstacles and roadblocks. Broke, tired, confused and, constantly tripping over her mark, she's literally bruised, at times self-deprecating, but delightfully determined and never defeated. With life, heart, spirit and the carefree, fun-loving support of her three best friends, Quinn looks past the setbacks and black-and-blues to see her shining star on the walk of fame, which to her isn't too far ahead. Or maybe it is. She is determined to conquer Hollywood, but the road to stardom is full of missteps. "Two steps forward and ten steps back," like the show's original theme song says, "She's there for life: She's a Hollywood Girl."

DIRTY THIRTIES - Now Airing Season 1

A new comedy about two women in their 30's, navigating the rocky LA Dating waters and find Mr. Right in a sea of Mr Wrongs. Together they are cleaning up Cupid's Mess, one man at a time.

PERIPHERAL VISION- Feature Film in pre-production
A supernatural thriller taking place in a rural Nebraska town.

THE SELLOUT - Short film in pre-production, a collaborative effort with OMK Films and writer Shawn Ashley.

We are proud to feature original music from artists all over the globe in our projects. To submit your music, please email a selection of songs to hollywoodgirltv@gmail.com.